Leslie Holmes School of Fly Fishing
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Leslie can  get you and your group fully prepared for your fly fishing trip of a lifetime. Planning is preparing, so make the most of your fly fishing vacation, get your casting gear and knots all fine tuned prior to your trip. This will make the most of your precious fishing time, and will also enable your guide to focus on the job in hand !!!!

Whether you are targeting :

Tarpon, Bonefish or Permit in the Keys

Snook, Redfish or Sea Trout in the mangroves

Pacific Salmon or Steelhead in North America/ Canada

Sea Trout in South America

Or Further a field;

Atlantic Salmon & Brown Trout in the U.K & Ireland

European Bonefish (thick lipped Grey Mullet)

Or any species you wish to target!!!

Advice on Outfits required:

                 Fishing and Casting Techniques

                 Leader Construction

                 Fly Selection